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I haven't written a journal entry in FOREVER. probably because I rarely have anything interesting to say these days. ANYWAY, If you're in the Los Angeles area or attending Anime Expo 2016 be sure to look for me at the Epic Pillow Fight table in Artist Alley, TABLE B23

Ax16 Ad 4 by mell0w-m1nded

That's all for now, hopefully you'll see more from me on DA soon!
Sorry, I know it's been a while and this is last minute. If you are attending Anime Expo be sure to visit me and :iconlunaharu: at our table in Artist Alley. Look out for EPIC PILLOW FIGHT at table A24

We'll be selling character pillows and keychains and I'll have a few of my artwork printed so come by and say hi!
Hey DeviantArtists! The awesome people at POW! Entertainment asked me to design a shirt for all the Stan Lee fans out there. It's now available for a limited time at Show you're love for the Generalissimo and order yours now!
Sorry I've been gone a while. Been busy with my part-time job and trying to get "professional" not much time getting art done. In the mean time my online portfolio is up so check it out:
October's already more than half way done?!  Sorry for the lack of post this month...again. A lot of RL stuff happened; a death in the family, starting a part-time job, and the never ending to-do list of commissions and projects. I honestly haven't had time to draw anything decent in weeks. I know I usually do something for Halloween (usually involving my KH: Halloween Town kids) but that's probably not gonna happen...

Also I've been getting REALLY distracted by TV. Not gonna list all the shows and anime I'm keeping up with, but it does keep me entertained while eating up time I could be using drawings >_<

Again sorry, the fall is usually a very hard and depressing time for me so I'm not at my most productive and inspired. Let's hope things pick up
I really need to get more productive....
Sorry haven't been around here much or posted anything. Truthfully after AX I took some time to decompress. This whole year has been hectic and I finally had free time to relax, meant to just take a few weeks off but before I knew it TWO MONTHS have pasted. I'm trying to pull myself out of this procrastination rut I'm in.

In the mean time here's the animatic from last year of a short I may or may not work on ;P

"Exotic Weapons" Animatic featuring music by Here Between You Me
Hey just a reminder I will be attending Anime Expo this year and will be sharing a table with :iconlunaharu: and our friend Ava.


That's all the way in the back of the hall so come look for us! Got the prints done, got my bags packed, LET'S DO THIS!!!

-See ya there!
Greetings good people of DeviantArt!

Sorry I haven't been around much. If you read my previous entry I've been gone focusing on school and undergoing some cancer treatment, but I'm back with some status updates.

First off...I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE!!!! Seven years of Art School and I can finally call myself "professional". Enjoying the post-grad life for a bit before I buckle down and start finding a job. Right now I'm busy getting ready for Anime Expo 2013. Just a heads up I will be sharing a table the my friends Charisse and Ava. We will be located at TABLE K27, which will be all the way in the back of Artist Alley so it should be slightly easy to find. I'll post a reminder and map up later. I'm hard at work finishing up some new pieces to sell and will also have some of the ones from last year that did well. I'm also busy working on some prop commissions so I don't have much time to relax just yet.

On a more personal note, I underwent some radioactive treatment for my throat cancer. Despite a four day isolation that left me mentally and physically wrecked I came out of it somewhat enlightened and spiritually fulfilled. So far doctors say the treatment was successful and the cancer seems to have been taken care of but I still have to keep watch over it in the future so here's hoping....

That's all I got for now. I'll be posting the new stuff I'll be selling here but with watermarks. Prints without the watermarks will be available for purchase at our table at Anime Expo so make sure to look forward to that. I'll post up reminders later.
Just a quick update for those who were wondering. It's been a month since my surgery and just want to let you know I'M FINE. I'm all healed up and the scar doesn't look too bad. Doctors did find some cancer cells in the tissue the removed so I'll have to go through radioactive treatment again =/

Also I'll probably be M.I.A. (not that I was around much anyway) until mid-June. May's going to be a busy month for me, what with final projects and graduation approaching. I really need to just focus on this last stretch of school. I'll post some quick doodles I'll do here and there to keep myself sane. Hopefully once all that's done I'll get to some long over due Fan Art I want ready for Anime Expo. We'll see.

Until laters!
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I have been state of melancholia for various reasons. My life hasn't worked out has well has I had planned. I've felt that everyone around me has moved on while I'm standing still. To be blunt I have been feeling lonely. Still I don't blame anyone, we all have busy lives and it is easy to lose touch, I get it. Usually I keep things like this too myself because I rather not bother people with my problems. However, recent events in my life compel me to say what is on my mind.

Some might not know, five years ago I had a thyroidectomy to remove cancerous tissue in my throat. Recovering from that took a lot out of me, both physically and emotionally, but I've tried my best to move on and live life to the fullest. I tried not to let it get me down or distract me from my dreams, but my condition limited what I could do. I've had to try twice as hard with less energy than most. There were days where I couldn't keep up at all. Still I kept trying, believing things would get better and doing the best I can. Late last year my doctors found anomalous tissue where my thyroid used to be and didn't know what to make of it. They performed various test and scans. After months of that they concluded there were enlarged lymphoid and could potentially be the cancer reemerging. Though the doctor said "not to worry" it hit be pretty bad. They advised a second surgery to see and if necessary remove any affected tissue. Suddenly a lot of the plans I had made for this year fell apart. I have up trying to find an internship, with my situation I couldn't possibly work with that hanging over my head. Events like conventions had to be cancelled. Even school became more stressful. I didn't want to spend my last semester in college dealing with recovering.

Despite all that the most stressful part of the news was the uncertainty of it all. I wouldn't know how bad it was until after the surgery. It could either just be scar tissue from before or worse case the cancer grew and could potentially be worse than before. My Endocrinologist even mentioned chemo if necessary. I started having a lot of feelings about it all. Regret that things I planned for myself were once again ruined and set aside.  I was exhausted at the thought of recovering from surgery again, especially before graduation. But mainly I started to feel angry, that I have tried hard and given all I can only to have it all taken away because of this sickness inside me that I'll have to fear the rest of my life. Everyone else runs around enjoying their lives, taking for granted how easily it could be taken away. I think because of this I've been distancing myself from people, not because I disliked them but because I didn't want them to get hurt from something I would say out of anger or irritation. I don't want to ruin their happiness for sympathy or attention.

If my recent behavior made you feel in any way uncomfortable I apologize. I write this now so you understand why I have been the way I have been, not as a cry for attention or anything. My surgery is scheduled for this coming Tuesday March 26. I've been assured it would be a simple procedure and shouldn't take more than a few hours. Still I don't know what will happen and that honestly scares me.

I can't ask that you pray for me or whatever. You're free not to care. But if you can do one thing for me…have a good day, do something good, and have a good life. Do that for me and I would have no regrets after Tuesday.

since I haven't posted fanart in a while my viewership has gone down considerably (not that I really cared about it). It always slightly bothered me that people only watch me for more fanart and paid little attention to my original work. But I understand that's just the nature of DA now. However, I thought I would take the opportunity to conduct a little experiment. Tomorrow I will post an artwork that caters to a specific fandom that is prominent on the internet and see the difference in views and feedback. This is also to see who actually reads my nonsensical rants here ;P
Hope everybody had an awesome Christmas or enjoyed their respective holiday celebrations. Just a quick update, I have been gone and I keep saying I will be back with updates but I never do. Fact is I've been going through some hard times both personally and professionally. It is also my last year of school so most to all my attention is going towards getting ready to graduate and finding jobs, so I apologize if DA isn't my greatest priority. I will post up stuff I've worked on for school. as for new work and Later Dreams pages, most likely won't have anything until after Anime Los Angeles. have a list of commissions to get done before I can even think about drawing then back to school. so sad to say it's still going to be a hectic year for me. Hopefully I'll have more up in 2013 than this year.

I guess you won't year from me for a while so I wish you all in advance HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

See you on the other side
Traditionally I do a Happy Halloween piece involving my KH Halloween Town characters, BUT unfortunately I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAAY to busy with school and real life problems, so SORRY but no Halloween Special this year. also, for the lack of updates. Again, RL keeps me busy. probably be like this until mid-November, but I make no promises.

-take it easy
....I'm being lazy
Hello. Sorry, I know I'm a week late on this but when I say "I need a week to recover" I MEAN IT -__-'

So Anime Expo this year was interesting, what with the X-games going on right next door. It made for an interesting mix of cultures lol

Day 0

Headed over pretty late because of complications, got dropped off at the hotel I was staying at. Was rooming with :iconodoru-kakutouka: and the bros from last year. But when I got there they were in pre-reg so I had to wait for them to get back. Kind of awkward waiting alone in a lobby with a pile of artist alley stuff and cosplay (only at AX). They got back and help me bring my stuff up to the room and settled in. Then had to meet up with :iconbearpuncher: and check in at the artist alley desk. She was running late so decided to meet her in line. However check in closed at 8PM and by the time I got there it was already 7:30 and the line was pretty long, but I waited anyway. :iconbearpuncher: finally got there and we stayed in line hoping we'd make it in time. We were five people away and it was 7:50 when one the printers broke down, which meant the line would go even SLOWER. So the pressure kept building but we managed to get to the desk at 7:55 and checked in!

Afterwards we met up with our friend Steven and had dinner at Deny's. Steven ordered All-you-can-eat Pancakes, but the waiters pretty much forgot about us so we were there a while waiting for the rest of his pancakes lol. After that I walked back to my hotel, ran into :iconakiminam: in the lobby, then visited :iconooakiioo: and :iconrenokev02: at there room, headed back to mine to get some rest for tomorrow. I forgot how hard it is to sleep with my roomies X_x lol

Day 1

Woke up early, had to get to the Artist Alley to set up the table. My hotel was only a block away from the con center, but I was still carrying a crap load of stuff (ie the over-head display, the print, art supplies, etc) so what would have been an effortless walk took half an hour. Finally got to the con center, there was already a line forming for the exhibition hall. Not gonna lie, felt awesome to walk right pass the crowd, flash my badge, and go right in before everyone else. I was already exhausted by the walk to the con, still had to walk through the venders all the way to the back where the Alley was located. I get there and run into :iconlunaharu: who needed help setting up her table. Find my table and set all my stuff down, say hi to :iconsorcererhuntress: and :iconkoujigirl: before setting my display up.

Was happy to have gotten a corner table this year, but didn't consider using the side as a display space >__< now I know lol. :iconbearpuncher: got there and we finished hanging up our artwork. All we had to do was wait for opening. Also we were seated next to our friend Paul's table so we had people to chat with.

The Hall opened and people gradually began to trickle in. Started getting responses, particularly for my "Parking in Ikebukuro" piece. First couple of hours we both sold a few prints, not bad for the first day. :iconbearpuncher: picked up a few commissions. I don't do commissions for various reasons. Everything was going smoothly until….I'll spare the details but basically a couple Homestuck fans point out it was "illegal" to sell fanart prints. The first person to inform us of this was very condescending and rude about it. Majority of :iconbearpuncher: prints were Homestuck. I'm not a fan of the series (and probably NEVER WILL be) but I found the whole policy stupid and contradictory to the entire Artist Alley. Despite this, thanks to some friendly advice from :iconsorcererhuntress: we found a way to make sales and get rid of the prints.

Other than that bit of drama, the rest of the day was standard. To keep myself busy I started drawing chibi Pony drawings (I'll post those up later). I was surprised how popular "Parking in Ikebukuro" was, which sold out completely. People were even started to demand reprints. I broken even early on and had more than enough so decided to get reprints the next day. First day of Alley ended, but already we were both worn out. I felt like it was Day Three already.

Went back to my room. Me and my roomies moved to the JW Marriot so it was less of a walk. had a BADLY NEEDED beer, then went to dinner with :iconooakiioo: and her friends. By then I had already had a couple beers (and some shots) -____-' I really hope I didn't make too much of an ass of myself in front of them. After dinner went back to my room and kept working on the Brony sketches. I honestly don't remember when I went to sleep that night….

Day 2

Again, woke up planning on getting reprints done at a Staples shop I had seen near the Westen hotel. It was early and I felt like I needed the physical activity so I walked there, but found out the place didn't open until 10am…which was when the Hall opens. Had to make it back to the con center before opening so I decided to take the shuttle from the Westen. However, the regular route was closed due to filming in one of the streets, so it took a longer route. What would have been a ten minute drive turned into 25. I barely made it to my table with five minutes to spare.

Same as the day before, the crowd gradually built up. People kept asking for "Parking in Ikebukuro" had to tell them I'd have more later on in the day. Around noon our friend James came by to visit and I asked him to sit at the table while I went to get the reprints done. Didn't think it'd take me more than an hour… Had to get to my hotel room first to pick up a key.

Unfortunately they blocked off Figueroa from the con center to the Marriot for the X-games…so had to walk AROUND a whole block. What made the situation more "fun" there were Christian picketers at every corner of that block >__< those people….
Got to the hotel, picked up the key, then walked back to the printing shop. I get there and a girl was already taking up the printing service having her prints made. Apparently her friends for Artist Alley never arrived =/ I felt bad. They took my order and said it'd take about half an hour. Thought about just heading back to the con, but by the time I got back I'd have to pick up the prints so I just walked around the area. Hung out at a park for a while before I realized they filmed a scene from Torchwood: New World at the very bench I was sitting. I had a Who-vian moment….Half an hour pass and I head back to pick up the prints, which were darker than I had liked but at that point I was just glad to have something to sell. Did the same thing I did in the morning and took the shuttle back, but when I got to the line for it the bus had already left so I had to wait for another 30 minutes before it came around again. To make it worse I was surrounded by Homestuck cosplayers heading to the gathering at the con….UGH! eventually the shuttle arrived and I got on. Get a call from :iconbearpuncher: saying people are lining up waiting to by prints of "Parking in Ikebukuro" and I start getting stressed about getting back in time. As soon as the bus pulls up I jump out and rush to the table. I had 30 reprints of it made. As soon as I pull of the 'sold out' post-it of the display…damn. Sold half of the reprints the rest of the day.

Major highlight of the day, :iconzellykat: came by the table looking for Kairi prints, but by then I had sold out of both of the Kairi prints I had. She told me she named her daughter after Kairi and was looking to decorate her nursery with Kairi artwork. I was so DAWWWWW I desperately look through and find my last Kairi Drive form print and give it to her. I'm sorry, as much as I like making money, a story THAT cute deserves a free print. She opens the stroller she was pushing and there's baby kairi sleeping, surrounded by stuffed Paopu. CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!! TT______TT

Another day done, followed :iconbearpuncher: and Steven back to their hotel, hung out for a bit then back to my room. I had planned to wear my Ventus armor all day, but because of all the madness of getting reprints I didn't have time or energy for it, so I suited up for a test run at night. Went out with :iconodoru-kakutouka: as Noel from FFXIII-2 and wondered around a bit. Discovered a shortcut between the hotel and the con, so was relieved I didn't have to walk around a block again. Just walking around did some damage to Ventus, so we headed back to the room so I could do some repairs. Hadn't planned on going, but ended up going to the dance that night. Wasn't there long before I ran into someone I hadn't seen in a while. We left and caught up, but things got complicated after that and I just went back to my room to mellow out.

Day 3

I woke up earlier to suit up into Ventus. :iconhopeful-knight: arrived to hang out for the day. Headed down by myself. As I'm waiting in the elevator IN FULL ARMOR one of the X-game competitors walks in in full gear, helmet and everything. We just look at each other…then BRO-FIST. BEST MOMENT EVER!

I timed it so I would get to the table early enough, but the walk from the hotel to the table took twice as long because I kept getting stopped O_o this is new to me! I'm always the non-cosplayer that has to step aside and hold everyone's bags while they take pictures, but NOT TODAY lol still I wanted to get to the table as soon as possible. Unfortunately people at AX have no concept of personal space or fragility. As I walked through people kept pushing and bumping into me, so Ventus took more of a beating than the day before…by the time I got to the table I had to spend what extra time I had repairing what I could with tape….The rest of that day was uneventful. Have myself an hour to walk around in Ventus. Took it off before closing, but by then most if it was WRECKED. Going to have to rebuild most of it if I decide to wear it in the future... COMPLETELY sold out of "Parking in Ikebukuro" AGAIN but decided against getting reprints again. I decided to buy my friends dinner (luckily most of them weren't around when I made the offer lol) so ate out at Trader Vic's.  Had the first FULL MEAL I had all weekend….it was DELICIOUS. And the Mai Tai I had with it didn't hurt either. Headed over to the Westen cus :iconbearpuncher: needed my lining pen. On the way I had a little "incident" but I'll refrain from the nasty details. Was going to hang out with other friends, but never got the call so ended up just crashing that night.

Day 4

Packed up everything before I headed to the table so I'd be ready for check out. Just to avoid the "why don't you have any more prints" comments I covered all the sold out prints with those that haven't sold. Probably effected sales, cus I didn't end up selling as much as I did before but I didn't mind. Had to go back to the hotel room for check out, afterwards everybody followed me back to the table and we parted ways there (…T^T). Rest of the day was chill. Gave myself half an hour to shop because I never had time to do so all weekend. Rather than buy stuff for friends and family…I end up spending $90 on myself OTL. The Hall closed for the last time and I packed everything up. Other than Artist Alley there wasn't really anything for me to do so I was ready to leave. Waited for :iconbearpuncher: and Steven to get back with the car and headed home.


All in all it was a fun weekend. Had a few interesting encounter with X-game people, but nothing as bad as I had expected. Hung out with friends, but didn't spend as much time with them as I had liked. Hopefully next time! I even missed a couple of people because of the whole reprint nonscene >__<' Thanks to everybody that stopped by! Financially I did better than I expected. Most of my earning went to a much need new phone….okay, I bought an iPhone but I really need it!

Being back at the Alley after a year was a challenge but glad to be back in the swing of it all. Planning to hit up more cons in the near future, but I think I've outgrown the whole FANDOM aspect of AX so really Artist Alley is all I got. The panels this year didn't really interest me as much as years past, not that I had time to go to any of them anyway. I didn't take any pictures, shouldn't have bothered bringing my camera.

Now that all that is done…I need to stay productive this summer! Have a couple of fanart ideas on my list, but I'm putting all that aside and going to go back on focus on my comic Later Dreams for a while (I've seriously been neglecting that). Have to start applying for internships and get ready for my last semester of school. Need to work in some fun in all that.

Another AX done, now on to AX2013!
give my Report on AX2012 later, still recovering....
ANIME EXPO!!!!!!!!

It's that time of year again! I will be back in the Artist Alley after taking a year off. Look for me at Table F7 with my partner :iconbearpuncher: I'll have prints of some new stuff as well as a couple oldies everybody lives. Also have some sketches I'll be selling. NO COMMISSIONS, sorry =/

Should add that I'm depending on the money I make for food and shelter during the con so PLEASE help support a struggling artist =< lol jk (not really)

So if you are going to AX or in the area come check us out. Hope to see you all there
Sorry if my previous journal put people off, but it is difficult to stay positive and motivated on what I want to do when I'm being inundated by requests for more KINGDOM HEARTS artwork. The "nice" part of me would like to thank those who watch me and appreciate my KH fanart and hope that you can understand that I want to grow as an artist and work on other subjects. The "asshole" in my wants to say GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND MAKE YOUR OWN ART, YOU EMPTY GALLERY FAV HOARDERS!

Apologies. I've just been under a lot of stress with various things. Anime Expo is fast approaching and I have a billion and one things to finish up before then. Got to do a lot of prep work for my Artist Alley take, ie finish artwork, print them, etc. I also have a couple prop commissions I need to finish. All the while I'm stressing over coming up with funds for everything X_x BUT I'm determined to make it happen so look forward to that. As of now me and my partner will be at table F7 in artist alley. The Alley admin is having problems with table arrangements so that may change. I'll update when I get news on that.

Back to the grind I go!
To those sending me notes asking for more Kingdom Hearts artwork from me:

No I won't, DEAL WITH IT!

that is all